Forget Word Attack Skills; Learn to Make Words your Friends!

Words aren't trying to harm you

They were invented to serve you! They help you express yourself, and understand others, and they make life richer and more rewarding. Read on to discover how to replace word attack skills. Get word skills, or help someone else get those skills, through a simple change in how you think and what you do!

If you want to succeed in life, you need good word skills, speaking, reading, and writing

Words are a lifeline. They connect you to your goals in a way few other skills can. In fact, your word skills impact your ability to thrive in life at least as much as your health does, if not more!

When you have good word skills ...

You can make yourself understood, you can influence people, and you can connect with people in more profound way. Speaking, reading, writing, these are the skills that make us human! And extraordinary skills can make us extraordinary!

What happens if your skills aren't all they can be?

You feel held back. You read and write too slowly which impacts your ability to get things done. You fail to make things happen, because you're misunderstood. You are confused and confusing.

So how do you turn things around?

You don't attack words, you befriend them! You want to feel comfortable and confident around words. You want to know they won't let you down. You want them to have your back when it really matters.

How do you make friends with words?

It's easier than you'd think!

People struggle through school and decide they're doomed when it comes to their word skills. But their lack of success has less to do with their lack of ability, and more to do with their lack of opportunity. But that doesn't have to be the end of the story. It's not too late to get the skills you need, or to help someone else get skills.

Let's look at a simple way to turn words into friends …




The Greeting (otherwise known as word attack skill number one)
How do you greet someone you're getting to know? Do you give them a handshake? a hug? And while you're doing that, do you say their name out loud, so you remember it? When you're getting to know words, do something similar. Read the word, and say its name out loud.

The Introduction (otherwise known as word attack skill number two)
What do you want to know about a new friend aside from their name? Where they work? What they do for a living? Words represent ideas. They have work to do. If you don't know what job a word does, you look it up in a dictionary. So for example, if you read the word 'ambidextrous' and you don't know what it means, you might learn that it means to be able to use both hands.

Planning to meet again (otherwise known as word attack skill number three)
If you're going to see your new friend again, you'll need to know where they live, or at least how to get in touch with them. It's time to write something down, a phone number and/or an address. If it's a word and not a person you're getting to know, I suggest you use pen and paper, not your keyboard. Can you remember all the numbers in your phone? Probably not. We remember things better when we write them down.

If you've struggled to get the word skills you need, or you'd like to help someone else build skills ...

You've arrived at the right place. Consider me your free private tutor, the person who will introduce you to your most important new friends. I will make sure you, or your learner (if you have someone you'd like to help), learn the words, and skills with those words that matter most.

Success won't take a ton of effort or commitment. When you build skills the right way, it's like building muscle. As long as you keep using them, you won't lose them. And if you keep adding to them, even if it's very slowly, you'll find it easier to add more, to do more, and even more, as time goes by.

Do you want to get better at speaking, reading and writing? Would you like to help someone else build those skills? Then forget about word attack skills. We're going to discover which important words you, or your learner, have yet to make friends with. We'll find and fix any skill gaps by building great relationships with those new friends.

We'll begin with the words that are most important to you, the ones you see most the time and rely on almost every day. Once you have a strong foundation with those words, we'll build on it. But first, there is your handwriting to check

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