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You know what it's like ...

You can't spell a word, and what's worse ...

you can't remember the trick that was supposed to help you remember the spelling!

Or perhaps you're helping someone learn and they are struggling to remember spelling words?

Maybe it's time you tried a different approach, or helped someone in a brand new way!

Learn to Spell any word with Sensory, Memory and Linking Activities

I'm an educator who specializes in helping people build and repair spelling skills. I've helped thousands of people get the skills they need and now it's your turn ...

You're about to learn the unique new Wordskillz™ 'SMiLe' system! If you remember to 'SMiLe', you can learn to spell any word, or help someone learn to spell any word, just by using the right 3 activities in the right order.

Sensory Activities are a great place to begin. They're fun to use, and work like magic! Then Memory Activities strengthen and reinforce your efforts. Finally, Linking Activities connect the word being learned to one already known. This last step makes it possible to remember the correct spelling first-time-every-time!

  1. Each Sensory Activity works like magic, try all 6 and you'll be amazed!
  2. Memory Activities work like crazy glue to make spellings stick in your brain
  3. Linking Activities connect new words to known words forming an unbreakable bond

Before We Begin, Download and Print your Practice Sheets

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  • Use ears, eyes and hands to learn
  • Use the right steps in the right order
  • Combine activities for outstanding results
  • Learn faster by using what you already know


  • Learn the 30 most important words for you, or your learner, to practice
  • Learn how to keep learning more words more easily

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Is there a best way to learn to spell any word?

Can we trust spelling rules?
Does read, copy, write, work?
Should you write a word out 3 times? 5 times?
Can phonics help?

Is there a best way to learn to spell any word?

Few people agree on the answers to these questions. Yet we all need to learn to spell new words throughout our lives; so we all need to know how to learn new words.

  • Students learn to spell new words throughout their school years
  • Children need our help preparing for spelling tests
  • Employees and business owners learn new words as work changes

Even many of the things we do for pleasure, like reading and word games, benefit from a growing vocabulary.

So what is the best way to learn a word, and why is that still such a mystery?

The learning methods mentioned above have their place. They also have their limitations. Rules and phonics may explain some spellings but they don't help learners master unfamiliar words or change bad habits. Words misspelled for months, or even years, won't be fixed by explanations, copying, or a little repetition. Something more is needed. Perhaps the best way to learn to spell is still a mystery to most, because none of the recommended methods go far enough.

We all need a method that helps us ...

Spell a word correctly first time every time, as we write it,

without interrupting our train of thought!

Imagine a learning method that combines the most helpful strategies, and also turns learning into habits. Now imagine that method is also fun to use, easy to learn, and easy to remember!

You don't really need to imagine such a method.  You're about to learn to spell using a new method that works like magic and takes just minutes ...




Are you ready to use the 3 ways?

You need a word to learn. If you've come to this page from the Wordskillz™ Spelling Quiz, you, or your learner, may already have a word. If you haven't done the Quiz yet, click on this link.

NOTE: Are you using this method to help someone else? You can do the Quiz with them, then help them practice the method. Or just sample the method yourself for now.

Got your word? Let's get started!

Print your training and follow the steps for each of the 3 activities. 

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When you're baking cookies ...

Do you memorize the recipe and then get started? No! You read the recipe, and make the cookies, one step at a time.

Now you'll have a 'recipe' for spelling words from scratch, so don't try to memorize it. Print it! Then follow it step by step …

and there is more ...

There are actually very few different ways to misspell words!

When you register above, you will learn how to master spelling words. Just as important, you'll learn how to master the art of spelling through practicing the right words in the right way.

Why is this the best way to learn? 

The spelling activities don't just make it easier and more fun to learn spelling words ...

If they are used with a small number of the right words, all other words will be easier to learn!

In fact, if you, or your learner, practice enough of the right words in the right way, you can put your activities sheet away for good! You'll have a foundation of mastered words and a foundation of skills to make learning additional words effortless!

I'll show you how to shorten your practice and choose the right words to practice (but only if you register) ...

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