Missing pieces are holding your back ...

New learning can leak away when you have holes in your word skills bucket! We'll plug the biggest holes together! Then you'll be able to fill the smaller ones on your own using what you've learned.

  • Do you keep misspelling the same words?
  • Do you want better spelling (and reading) skills?

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You'll soon have everything you need!

You might think of yourself as a bad speller because you:

  • Keep misspelling common words
  • Struggle to remember words you're trying to learn
  • Have to edit everything you write, even text messages

But maybe you don't have to be!

A couple of things could be holding you back. Do you know what steps to take if you can't spell a word? Do you know how to use words you already know to learn more words?

If you can't answer, "Yes!" to both those questions, let's make a fresh start! Forget everything you thought you knew and didn't know about spelling! We're about to head down a new path ...

I'll help you take some small steps, and experience some big improvements! Then, once you've got some experience and confidence, you can use the words you've learned, ones you already know, and your new word mastery skills, to learn even more words.

Will this new way of learning work for you?

Let me prove it works!

These simple fun steps will make you feel like an expert right from the start!

  • In EMAILs #1 to #3 , you'll learn to master even the hardest words
  • In EMAIL #4, you'll learn the best words to master and which ones to learn first
  • In EMAIL # 5, you'll learn how to master enough words to master spelling (and reading)

Give yourself another chance. This time you'll be learning the way you learn best!


Instead of spending a lot of time struggling every day,

you could spend just a few minutes learning!

Imagine what a difference it could make to your life!


Say yes! You'll be glad you did ...

Spelling is key! Once you've got this skill mastered, your reading and writing, and confidence will improve as well ...

privacy We deeply respect your privacy, and guarantee your email won't be sold rented or spammed.

Take the shortcut …

Imagine how long it would take to do a 10,000 piece puzzle. Now imagine doing a 30 piece puzzle. You'll eventually need to learn about 10,000 words. However, special pattern-based practice with a fraction of those words will guarantee all the pieces fall into place.