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Wordskillz™ SMiLe Activities©

Steps to practice 3 ways over 3 days

Key words representing all 201  sound-spellings >>>

Wordskillz™ 201 'Sound-Spellings' Word List©

As promised, you'll also get help with handwriting, reading and writing!

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The Wordskillz™ BASIC 30-Word Spelling Quest© takes just 5 hours to complete.

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  • The common key words in 2 handy checklists
  • Steps to make all key words more memorable
  • Ways to dive deeper with every practiced word
  • Flexibility when deciding how much time to practice words
  • The best way to discover if a word has been truly mastered
  • A quick training that outlines how and why to take each step
  • Session pages for recording and tracking all activities used
  • Printing and planning instructions for preparing and organizing your binder

Session Outline

Key Common Words 

Complete Wordlist

SMiLe Activities

Session Sheets

You'll also receive the

BONUS Wordskillz™ Word-Maker©!

~ Find words to expand your vocabulary

~ Link new words to known words

~ Review and reinforce learning

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Everything included in the BASIC Quest ($37.90 Value)

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Discover the 176 *'anchor' words that will improve your reading skills and reinforce your spelling skills!

Practice the 30 'anchor' words that will make the biggest difference to your reading and spelling skills!

Warm up before your sessions with reading activities that further improve reading speed and fluency!

*'Anchor' words represent all the sounds that sound-spellings can make. For example, the following are 'anchor' words for the 'key' word 'and': what, want, warm, table, many, total. Can you see how knowing these words will make you a quick, competent reader?

Plus you'll get the BONUS Wordskillz™ Complete Handwriting Course© ($20.50 Value)

This course will make you a better speller, faster reader and neater writer!

As promised, you'll also get help more help with reading, and help with writing!

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NEW Session Outline

Key Common Words 

Complete Wordlist

SMiLe Activities

NEW Session Sheets

'Anchor' Word Lists

3 Reading Activities 

Handwriting Quiz

Handwriting Course

The Wordmaker

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Wordskillz™ DELUXE 60-Word Spelling and Reading Quest© ...



  • The Reading Quiz and 3 Reading Modules
  • The Writing Quiz and 5 Writing Modules
  • Daily reminders to make sure your Quest is a success
  • Unlimited (written or audio) messaging for 60 days!
  • Unlimited Email support for 60 days!

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Wordskillz™ Perfect Practice with Common Words©!

~ Improve spelling and reading using rhyming word groups

~ Reinforce your skills with all common words

~ Improve pronunciation and reading fluency

 ~ Get 2 Handy Colour-coded reference 'Keys'**

**See everything you need to learn at a glance


Over the next 60 days you will receive all the support you need to build your spelling, reading and writing skills!

During short, 10 minute sessions you'll practice 30 'key' words for spelling, and 30 'anchor' words for reading.

You'll also apply new skills learned in your reading and writing modules during daily reading and writing activities.

The Wordskillz™ PREMIUM Quest for Spelling, Reading and Writing© is fully supported!

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