Through Special Practice with Just 30 Words!

Use the Magic Formula ...

Practice the Right Words,

at the Right Time,

in the Right Way

and Get the Habits, Skills and Confidence

to Master Spelling Words and Spelling!

There are just 30 key words that will make all the difference to your spelling skills. You can't spell these words now, but if you could you would have the skills you need. You would:

  • Get rid of your worst spelling mistakes

  • Master words that could help you learn 100's more
  • Learn enough words to master word mastery skills!

Instead of practicing the 1,000's of words in an average vocabulary, just learn the 30 key words that represent the kinds of spelling mistakes you make! These words will soon make all other words easier to learn.

They will help you learn similar words. They'll also help you learn how to learn words. By the time you've practiced 30 words using the best way to learn words, you'll be able to apply what you've learned to any challenging word you face in the future.

When you take the 30-Word Spelling Quest, you get 3 short lists of the most important words you ever need to learn

So you can:

  • See at a glance which ones you've already mastered (and can use to learn more)
  • Know which words you haven't learned and need to learn now
  • Know which ones to learn first and in what order to learn words because they are organized from easiest and most common to hardest and least common

You'll go through the lists checking off words you've learned and discovering ones to practice.

You also use daily session sheets with simple steps that make your 30 words easy to learn ...

When you take the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Quest©, you:

  • Spend 10 minutes a day for 30 days using the 4-Step D.E.E.P. Learning Method
  • Discover, Explore, Evaluate and Practice new and review key words
  • Master skills, habits and key words, so you can continue improving automatically

In just 5 hours you'll be a confident, competent speller! Guaranteed!

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  • You'll begin by printing your tools and training
  • Then you'll prepare your binder and gather your pens and pencils
  • Finally, you'll review your materials and plan your sessions

You'll soon be ready to master your first word!

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With this very affordable program, you will receive the following PDF's:

Session Outline

Key Common Words 

Complete Wordlist

SMiLe Activities

Session Sheets

You'll also receive the

BONUS Wordskillz™ Word-Maker©!

Find words to expand your vocabulary

Link new words to known words

Review and reinforce learning

How can practice with just 30 words make such a difference?

You may think you're a bad speller, but consider this for a moment:

  • You never spell a whole word wrong, usually just 1 or 2 sounds
  • Even if you spell speech like 'speach', you're only spelling 1 of the 4 sounds wrong
  • So maybe your spelling isn't quite as bad as you think!

You may not know all the different ways to spell sounds, but there aren't that many to learn:

  • There are only 121 different ways to spell sounds in most of the words you write
  • You know most of the ways already, and can learn how to use what you already know
  • There is an easy way to remember what sound-spellings belong in what words

It's easier to learn new words, if you use words you already know:

  • Together we'll find out what you know and help you use that in order to save time!
  • Practice with a few key words that have your most challenging sound spellings is all you need
  • Together we'll decide the most important key words for you to learn now
  • Just a few minutes a day over 30 days is all it takes to improve!

Imagine how long it would take to do a 10,000 piece puzzle. Now imagine doing a 30 piece puzzle. You'll eventually need to spell all 10,000 or so of the words you use. However, special pattern-based practice with a fraction of those words will make it easy for you to learn all the rest.

... I almost forgot to mention - there is a complete Money Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason, you decide the BASIC Quest isn't right for you, just let me know...

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