Through Special Practice with Just 30 Words!

Get the Magic Formula!

Practice the Right Words at the Right Time, in the Right Way

and get the habits, skills and confidence

to master spelling words and spelling!

There are just 30 key words that will make all the difference to your spelling, reading and writing skills. You can't spell these words now, but if you could your skills would improve massively. You'd get rid of your worst spelling mistakes, you'd learn words that could help you learn 100's more

and you'd learn enough words to master word mastery skills!

When you take the Challenge, you'll get 3 short lists of the most important words you'll ever need to learn ...

So you can:

  • See at a glance which ones you've already mastered (and can use to learn more)
  • Know which words you haven't learned and need to learn now
  • Know which ones to learn first and in what order to learn words because they are organized from easiest and most common to hardest and least common

You'll go through the list checking off words you've learned and discovering ones to practice.

You also use daily session sheets with simple steps that make your 30 words easy to learn ...

When you take the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Challenge©, you:

  • Spend a few minutes a day for 30 days using the 4-Step D.E.E.P. Learning Method
  • Discover, Explore, Evaluate and Practice new and review key words
  • Master skills, habits and key words, so you can continue improving automatically

At the end of 30 days you'll be a confident, competent speller! Guaranteed!

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  • You'll begin by printing your tools and training
  • Then you'll prepare your binder and gather your pens and pencils
  • Finally, you'll review your materials and plan your sessions

In 30 minutes you'll be ready to master your first word!

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With this very affordable program, you will receive the following PDF's:

Session Outline

Key Common Words 

Complete Wordlist

SMiLe Activities

Session Sheets

How can practice with just 30 words make such a difference?

You may think you're a bad speller, but consider this for a moment:

  • You never spell a whole word wrong, usually just 1 or 2 sounds
  • Even if you spell speech like 'speach', you're only spelling 1 of the 4 sounds wrong
  • So maybe your spelling isn't quite as bad as you think!

You may not know all the different ways to spell sounds, but there aren't that many to learn:

  • There are only 121 different ways to spell sounds in most of the words you write
  • You know most of the ways already (you just haven't learned how to use them)
  • There are also easy ways to remember what sound-spellings belong in what words
  • I'll show you how to attach certain sound-spellings to certain words

It's easier to learn new words, if you use words you already know:

  • Together we'll find out what you know and help you use that in order to save time!
  • Practice with a few key words that have your most challenging sound spellings is all you need
  • Together we'll figure out which key words you already know and the most important ones for you to learn now.
  • Just a few minutes a day over 30 days is all it takes to improve!

Imagine how long it would take to do a 10,000 piece puzzle. Now imagine doing a 30 piece puzzle. You'll eventually need to spell all 10,000 or so of the words you use. However, special pattern-based practice with a fraction of those words will make it easy for you to learn all the rest.

Successful spellers recognize patterns in words!

They use these patterns to learn from their mistakes, and build on their successes.

If you struggle with spelling, it's because you don't recognize a lot of these patterns, and you don't know how to use them.

As a result, your mistakes get reinforced not repaired; and your progress gets blocked.

The 30-Word Challenge is an effective new kind of pattern-based learning.

It's also the fastest, easiest way to improve your spelling skills.

There aren't that many patterns in words,

and you know more than you realize.

Special pattern-based practice with just 30 words

can fill the biggest gaps in your skills

and prepare you to continue learning automatically!

Now I know what you're thinking. This sounds too good to be true…

See how my students reacted to their pattern-based practice …

My students kept saying they wished they had met me sooner.

They couldn't believe spelling wasn't that difficult after all.

With their new skills came new confidence!

Not only did their spelling improve, but so did their reading and writing!

This is what I showed my students:

  • You don't have to start from scratch. Use words that have already been mastered and just fill gaps.
  • Words that have been misspelled for days, months, or even years, can be mastered with little effort.
  • It won't take long. Spend a few minutes a day over 30 days practicing the right words, at the right time, in the right way.

In less than 5 hours you can completely transform your skills and confidence!

It worked for my students and it will work for you (It's really just common sense!)

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By the way ...

The methods I share help learners of all ages and backgrounds, English as a first language or not. This system benefits learners at all levels as well:

-> Beginners will get a head start and avoid problems down the road

-> Struggling learners will quickly catch up

-> More advanced learners will take their skills to the next level

Research is proving these strategies to be best-practice. They even complement other strategies, and make them more effective. I've taken what works, and turned it into a simple system anyone can use. It's not complicated, and it's guaranteed to work for you!

When you want to make bigger, faster gains

the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Challenge© can deliver!

You'll know exactly what to do on each day for 30 days. You'll use the Wordskillz™ Magic Formula©

to uncover mastered key words, practice new key words 3 ways over 3 days,

and ensure complete mastery of key words using graduated interval review.

The Wordskillz™ DEEP Learning Method© will give you consistent satisfying results. You will:

  • Practice and review the very best words- the simplest most common word representing each spelling challenge
  • Customize your response to the suit the challenge each word presents:
    • Choose the best activities
    • The correct number of activities and
    • The right amount of review for each word practiced
  • Use special techniques for dealing with the most challenging words
  • Have a checklist so you know you've covered every spelling pattern you use
  • SAVE TIME! > Practice words instead of looking for words to practice

Do you use a recipe to make grilled cheese sandwiches?

No! They're simple to make. What if you're making cookies? Now that's a little more complicated!

The 4-stage D.E.E.P. Learning Method of the Wordskillz™ BASIC Challenge© will be your guide with 8 simple steps. You'll use it just like a recipe to get great results with every word.

Are you READY?

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Worried about fitting one more thing into an already too busy schedule?

Your sessions will be so brief (10 to 20 minutes); you’ll be finished before you realize!

Your future could depend on this!  Won’t it feel great to finally have the skills you need? 

What more do you need to know?

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