Messy Handwriting has 3 Causes and 3 Simple Cures

Let's face it, messy handwriting is frustrating and embarrassing

Great handwriting makes you feel confident, capable and proud.

There is a good reason for this ...

Handwriting is deeply personal. Some people think your eyes are a window to your soul, and your handwriting is a reflection of your character!

Do people think you're messy because of your handwriting?

If they do, they're wrong. Who you are is permanent. Your messy handwriting doesn't have to be!

You may feel terrible about your handwriting right now

But think how happy you'll feel when you improve it!

Let's get started ...

You'll get a quick rundown on the 3 possible causes of your messy handwriting. For each one, you'll also learn the easiest way to make a quick improvement. Choose the cures to meet your needs.

Not everyone's handwriting is messy for the same reason …

Find the cause that applies to you, then check out the cure!

1. The Way You Were Taught Can Cause Messy Handwriting

Have you always had sloppy handwriting? The way you were taught to write can still be causing problems. If you've always had bad handwriting, some handwriting myths could be holding you back. Maybe you don't need to change your handwriting at all. Maybe you just need to change your mind! Click the button to discover why ...

It's not your fault!

Changing how you think is the place to begin when you want to cure your messy handwriting. Changing what you do can have an even bigger impact! Let's look at the final 2 cures for messy handwriting ...

2. Your Handwriting Style Can Cause Messy Handwriting

If you're like most people, you learned to print when you were very small, and then you learned to write in a cursive style after a couple of years in school. Not everyone makes a smooth transition from one writing style to another. Cursive writing, especially when it's written on a slant, can be far more difficult to write neatly.

Luckily, there is a simple trick you can use to switch your handwriting style. This trick makes your handwriting more like the fonts you read every day. It's easy to read, and easy to write. To learn the trick, just click the button below ...

Learn the clock trick!

It's time to check out the 3rd and final cause of messy handwriting ...

3. Your Handwriting Speed Can Cause Messy Handwriting

This one is pretty obvious. No one's handwriting is tidy when they write too quickly. However, there are a couple of reasons why you may find it hard to write quickly and neatly.

When you use a traditional cursive writing style, it's not easy to speed up your writing without making a mess. Letters that are more complex are more difficult to write quickly and neatly.

However, if you switch to printing each letter and don't join letters within words, you may write more neatly, but you'll automatically write more slowly.

A hybrid writing style allows you to write quickly and neatly. This style builds on the handwriting style you learned in Cure #2.

Click the button below for Cure #3 ...

Use linked letters to write quickly and neatly


I used to dislike my handwriting, until I learned a few tricks.

I still have messy handwriting if I'm in a hurry. But if I'm writing a note in a birthday card, or leaving a handwritten message for someone, I can write neatly if I want to.

It wasn't always that way. I used to look at other people's writing and wonder where I was going wrong. It took me a while to determine exactly why I liked what I liked, and even longer to duplicate my favorite handwriting. Now I've developed my own style based on everything I've learned and I no longer have to give it much thought.

Along the way, I developed a few tricks that can help you make quick changes. You don't need to practice for hours like I did, these tricks will create immediate improvements.

I've helped thousands of people around the world improve their handwriting

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