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Handwriting Quiz and Checklist© Discover what's great and what needs to change

How to Change Your Handwriting in 10 Steps or Less© > get the following free tools:

  • Common Words Checklist© for Handwriting
  • Letter Guide© Begin letters in the right place and the right way
  • Special Lined Paper© for practicing letter shape and height
  • Special Grid Paper© for practicing letter width, slant and slope
  • Practice page for the Wordskillz™ Analog Clock Trick©  The secret to neat handwriting

Wordskillz™ Handwriting Course© Learn to write quickly and neatly in less than 2 hours!


Spelling Quiz© Can you spell all 30 words correctly? Take the Quiz and find out ...

  • Learn the Wordskillz™ SMiLe Formula©. Make words impossible to forget using the sensory, memory and linking activities.
  • Discover the most important spelling words for you, or your learner, to practice. Create your own personalized list.
  • Learn the 3 spelling strategies will help you master the art of spelling, or help you help your learner. This is the magic formula you've been searching for!

Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Course© for individuals, families or groups

Reading Quiz© Available Soon!

Writing Quiz© Available soon!