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Use the Unique Soundpatternz System© to:

  • Follow steps specific to each learner's most significant challenges
  • Eliminate unnecessary practice, and quickly achieve measurable gains
  • Watch messy handwriting become neat - spelling mistakes disappear - slow frustrating reading become quick and effortless - confusing writing become clear and error-free

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Better handwriting leads to better spelling
Better spelling leads to better reading
Better reading leads to better writing
Better writing leads to a better life!

First you'll discover if your handwriting needs tweaking ...     Then you'll jump right in and discover which 30 words you need to practice in order to become a confident, competent speller. Once you've made a start on your spelling practice, we'll boost your reading and writing skills.

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NOTE: No matter which QUEST you choose, you will get customized help to improve all 4 language skills. However, more tools and in-depth support are offered with the BASIC, DELUXE and PREMIUM QUESTS.

2. Boost your ability to learn and remember - Neat handwriting is your secret weapon with it comes to improving all your word skills. Everyone knows that writing something out by hand is one of the most useful memory tools. But not everyone knows that a certain handwriting style can improve your spelling, reading and writing. I'll show you how to perfect the handwriting style that gives memory and skills a boost.

Improve spelling through special practice with just 30 words!

There are actually very few ways to misspell words

That's why practice with the right 30 words can make a massive difference to your spelling skills. With the right kind of practice, you can even master words you've misspelled for years. You'll discover the most important 30 words for you to learn right now and you'll learn how to learn words. Finally, you'll have the skills you need to spell confidently and correctly!