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  • Just better ways to learn and better skills

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Wordskillz™ Resources are dedicated to ensuring everyone has a chance to have:

  • Neat handwriting that makes them proud
  • The ability to spell most of the words they use (Spell check is so time-consuming)
  • Read for pleasure and meaning without struggling to read words
  • Create interesting sentences, organized paragraphs and winning compositions

Build and repair your word skills
with a Customized Wordskillz™ Learning Plan

No practicing! No memorizing! No rules! Just simple do-able steps!

The Soundpatternz™ System builds and repairs the key skills that unlock the door to all other skills

Better handwriting leads to better spelling
Better spelling leads to better reading
Better reading leads to better writing
Better writing leads to a better life!

Learn the right things, at the right time, in the right way!

First you'll discover if handwriting needs tweaking ...     Then you'll jump right in and discover which 30 words participants need to practice in order to become a confident, competent speller. Once you've made a start on your spelling practice, we'll boost reading and writing skills.

All the word skills are all related ...

That's why you want to make sure all skills are in good shape. Since they depend on each other, there's no point in just working on one skill. You need a plan that incorporates them all!


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I'm a teacher who used to watch students struggle and felt powerless to help. So I stopped doing what everyone else was doing and discovered what worked. My students kept saying they wished they had met me sooner. That’s when I knew everyone should have a chance to learn in the very best way. Last year, I helped over 1,000 learners with basic skills. Now it's your turn! Register above. Let's get started ...