I'm a teacher with two decades of teaching, tutoring, and time invested in research and development.

My journey began when I wasn't able to help my own sons with reading and writing even though I'd trained as a teacher.

I began helping adult learners with reading and writing while experimenting with different ways to learn. Soon, my students were saying they wished they had met me sooner because they were finding my methods so effective.

My students were motivated by their success and wanted something to use between our sessions, so they could keep improving. I created some unique tools that could be used by learners themselves or anyone wanting to help learners.

Those tools make it possible to find and fill all important skills gaps in just 15 hours. 90 10-minute daily sessions can give learners the skills, knowledge, confidence and habits to reach their reading and writing potential.

If you or someone you care about needs a new approach to learning, I'm thrilled to offer you these resources that can have such a life-changing impact.


Perfect Practice with Common Words is a unique book that allows learners to practice words in the context of their sound, and spelling without being distracted by their context. The book helps learners read and write quickly, clearly, and correctly the 2,000 plus common words (1/4 of an average vocabulary) while gaining the skills and confidence to master 1000s more.