Home-Supported Learning


Janet Denison


Hi, I'm Janet Denison, an educator who believes in the massive potential of home-supported learning. I help individuals, parents and educators benefit from that potential.

My Story …

All three of my children had the same book-rich upbringing and read and wrote for pleasure before entering school.

While my daughter's skills continued to advance, my boy's skills did not. The only thing they liked about school was recess and lunch, and the last thing my boys wanted to do was 'school' at home.

I began tutoring adults and encountered people young and old who, like my boys, struggled to master reading and writing despite years of schooling.

Decades of study, trial, and error have shown me that 'school' isn't always the answer. When reading and writing skills fail to improve, simple 'homework' can enable learners to achieve their potential.


Perfect Practice with Common Words is a unique book that allows learners to practice words in the context of their sound and spelling without being distracted by their context. The book helps learners read and write quickly, clearly, and correctly the 2,000 plus common words (1/4 of an average vocabulary) while gaining the skills and confidence to master 1000s more.

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