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You're reading this, so you already know ...

  • Your learner needs better skills
  • It's not easy to help
  • It's also not easy to find the best way to help

You know good spelling and reading skills matter, and you're prepared to do what it takes so your learner gets the skills they need!

However like most of us, you're pressed for time, so the few extra minutes you can find for helping really need to count!

What happens when you rely on the contradictory advice that abounds on the internet?

  • Your learner practices random words; some they remember, most they don't
  • You use ineffective methods like 'read, cover, write' or 'write 3 times', or worse still (especially with computer based programs), your learner doesn't write at all
  • You use tricks to help them remember words, but they don't remember the tricks or the words

The helping experience generally ends in frustration on both sides. Because, let's face it, most non-experts rely on modelling. We show our learners the correct way hoping that will be enough. But so often, it isn't! And the result?

When the help offered struggling learners is less than helpful, the result can be more than just a few misspelled and misread words. Over time, the consequences can be far more serious. Learners can lose confidence:

  • In their helper's ability to help
  • In their own ability to learn

Without the necessary support, and despite your best efforts, you can end up doing more harm than good.

That's why it's encouraging ...

You can now provide expert spelling help at home in minutes ...

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  • You're already helping your learner with words they struggle to read and spell. But are they remembering those words? Even words that have been misspelled for years can be mastered with the steps you'll learn in EMAILs #1, #2 and #3.
  • Your learner needs a vocabulary of 10,000 to 20,000 words, and they may currently misread and misspell 100s of these. However, practice with very few words can give them the skills they need to learn the rest. In EMAIL #4 you'll learn how to choose the right words for your learner, and how to decide which ones to practice first.
  • Your learner's skills are like Swiss Cheese, full of holes. You don't need to replace the cheese, you only need to fill the holes. In EMAIL # 5, I'll show you how to make sure the biggest holes get filled in such a way your learner will be able to fill the smaller ones on their own.

We use cookie cutters, because it would take too long to shape cookies 1 at a time. Cookie cutters speed up the process and ensure a quality product.

In the email series, you get the equivalent of a cookie cutter for learning words! You'll soon know exactly how to help in the most effective way. What's more, your learner will not only learn, but learn how to learn, so doing the right things will become automatic.

  • Is your learner misspelling the same words daily?
  • Are your efforts to help just scratching the surface?

privacy We deeply respect your privacy, and guarantee your email won't be sold rented or spammed.

You'll soon have everything you need to transform their skills!

You can dissolve the limitations holding them back and keeping them from achieving their potential ...

All week, I'll share powerful strategies capable of producing your desired results. Do you find it hard to believe you can make such a big difference? You can! You'll simply fill gaps in your learner's skills, by helping them learn what they need to learn the way they learn best! 

Take the shortcut …

Imagine how long it would take to do a 10,000 piece puzzle with your learner. Now imagine doing a puzzle with 200 pieces or less. Your learner will eventually need a vocabulary of around 10,000 words. However, special pattern-based practice with a fraction of those words will guarantee all the pieces fall into place.