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Do you think it will be boring or difficult to improve your handwriting?

Follow simple steps and quickly get the handwriting you want without practicing!

Never be embarrassed by your handwriting again

  • Special brain cues are circuit breakers that immediately block bad habits
  • Tricks and tools form an internal guidance system to automatically build good habits




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This course was designed just for you!

... if you've been writing for years, but don't like your handwriting

Other courses teach you to write in the same way you were taught when you were young! The problem is, your handwriting is probably poor because of the way you were taught!

Now you have a chance to learn in a completely new way ...

Special activities will train your brain and create muscle memory to improve all aspects of your handwriting automatically.

Hello, my name is Janet Denison,

I’m an accredited teacher who has spent hundreds of hours researching and experimenting to find the fastest easiest way for you to improve your handwriting. Over the past year, 1000s of people in over 30 countries have used my methods to improve their handwriting.

Now it's your turn ...

Here's what people who have taken the course have to say ...

I just wanted to say how much your course on learning to change my handwriting has really helped me. I have tried books on handwriting, I have watched videos etc. The tips and tricks you have provided have been the only thing that has helped me to improve my chicken scratch! My handwriting has bothered me for years. I didn’t think at 35 I would ever be able to change my handwriting. Thank you so much. -  Lindsay B. from the U.S.

Thank you for designing this fantastic course. I absolutely love the way each section builds on letters of the same shape. I've finished your course now, and really enjoyed doing all of it. I hope that others find your course and benefit from it as much as I have! - S.M. from the U.K.


You make the best use of your time. That's because, you work on a number of areas at once in a way that feels like you're doing just one thing! You improve several aspects of your handwriting simultaneously while most of the learning happens unconsciously.

Most handwriting courses rely on practice, practice, practice

This course gives you the results you need immediately. That's because, you use simple actions attached to special brain cues. This learning combination triggers the best action in the same way that traffic lights trigger a reaction from you!

Your handwriting will shift to a practical, pleasing and professional style 

Your handwriting will be consistent, quick and easy to write, clear and easy to read. With this new method you can make your handwriting better-than-a-font because it's also personal.

How does this method work?

You don't just repeat a physical task over and over like most courses teach you. Instead, 5 tricks will create your healthy new handwriting habits:

a. Brain cues, short phrases hold your attention and adjust your thinking
b. Large motor activities introduce each action and reduce muscle tension
c. Tracing makes your first steps accurate and dead simple
d. Groups of similar letters target one type of activity and reinforce one skill at a time
e. Combinations of similar letters strengthen learning and embed new habits

And the result? You can improve your handwriting in just 60 minutes

That's right, it takes just 60 minutes or less to complete the course. I recommend you take the course over 4 days and invest just 15 minutes each day.

The course is divided into 4 sections, so you can easily complete 1 section per day. Because you're using a method that incorporates several improvement techniques at once, you only have to:

  1. Take 4 steps with 8 or 9 letters during Sessions 1, 2 and 3
  2. Take 3 steps with each of the 3 kinds of letter joins in Session 4

That's 113 short simple steps to improve handwriting that may have bothered you for years!

The steps will train your brain to guide your arm and hand. This will immediately eliminate the 7 most common handwriting mistakes - wrong or inconsistent letter: height, width, shape, slant, slope, spacing, details, and connecting. You'll also learn how to improve 2 additional errors if you choose.

Why would you slip back into your old ways when your results are so encouraging?

Immediate improvements to your handwriting will motivate you to complete your sessions, and to continue using your new techniques. Once you've eliminated your handwriting mistakes, and learned how to write neatly and quickly, you'll build on your new habits every time you write. You will enjoy writing, so you will use handwriting more often, and the more you write the more your new habits will become old habits.

The only thing to stop you from improving is not getting started!

You pay nothing while you're taking the course!

Take the course over the next few days and don't pay until day 6. You can get the results I've promised before you pay a cent and your results are guaranteed!

If you aren't completely satisfied with your results, just let me know ...

The course is backed by a 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you've followed the steps and you aren't completely impressed with your results, let me know before the 5 days are up and you pay nothing. Contact me up to 10 days after your purchase, and you receive a full refund.

Your handwriting will be pleasing, professional and practical as promised, or I will gladly refund your money.

You'll know this course is for you if you answer YES to the following questions ...

  • Is it difficult to keep your letters from bouncing out of line?
  • Do your letters look sloppy, crooked and inconsistent?
  • Is it a struggle to make your letters the right height and width?
  • Are you tired of writing so slowly?
  • Would you like to learn to write neatly on blank paper, notes and cards?


  • Eliminate BAD HABITS
  • Discover how to WRITE QUICKLY AND NEATLY
  • SPACE LETTERS and LINES so letters never overlap
  • Learn to write with upper case letters on BLACK AND WHITE BOARDS
  • Apply your new skills to BLANK PAPER, POSTERS, CARDS and LETTERS
  • Learn the fatal error BUBBLE WRITERS always make and the antidote
  • Discover 2 simple tricks and get FANCY HANDWRITING FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS
  • Use SPECIAL LINED PAPER (with perfectly spaced lines) for as long as you like


This course has been specially designed with you in mind.

Most handwriting courses are really for people just learning to write. They are not specially designed for people like you who've been writing for years.

You don't need to learn how to hold a pen. Nor do you need to practice loops and lines. You don't need to learn what pen to buy either. [If you don't already have a favorite pen, then you probably don't care what you write with!]

And you certainly don't need to step back in time and learn an old-fashioned handwriting style using old-fashioned methods that probably never worked for you the first time around.


Just as writing styles have become less formal and more conversational, handwriting styles have also evolved to become less formal. Most handwriting now tends to fall somewhere between formal cursive and print writing.

As handwriting has become more relaxed, and more practical, it's begun to more closely resemble the fonts we read every day. Letter slant is becoming a thing of the past and many old-fashioned letter forms are being discarded as well. For that reason, the current, more popular, handwriting style has become far more useful.

The new style is easier to read and write. So you can communicate quickly and easily without a lot of fuss and bother. And the best news of all? Not only is this handwriting style easier to read and write, and it's also easier to learn!


  • A printer and paper to print out the practice sheets
  • A pen (preferably black) to fill in the practice sheet


Take just 10 to 15 minutes a day, on each of the sections below, over the next 4 days:

  • In the first 3 sections you'll work with groups of similar letters
  • In the final section, you'll practice joining letters in words and sentence
  • In the BONUS SECTION you can:
  • Use a list of common words for review
  • Get guidance on writing capital letters
  • Get tips for writing on blank surfaces
  • Learn fancy lettering for special occasions
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Handwriting is a foundation skill

All your other word skills can be improved if your handwriting improves. Are you are a poor speller, slow reader, or struggling writer? All those skills will improve as your handwriting improves!

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In addition to offering handwriting help, I also help people with spelling, reading and writing, and I help people coach others to improve those skills.

It turns out, handwriting is the first step to improving all other skills! Once your handwriting is neat, and easy to read and write, you can keep learning the Wordskillz™ way.

Do you want great language skills for yourself? Are you preparing to coach someone else with their skills? Take the first step and improve your handwriting.