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A. Write the heading, 'Spelling'. Then, read the 4 conditions below and record the number of any that apply:

1. The speller is confident in their ability to spell well 

2. Commonly used words are automatically spelled correctly

3. Spelling concerns don't interfere with the writing process

4. Words highlighted by spell-check can be self-corrected

B. Total the number of conditions that apply. Then record if spelling is GOOD, OKAY or POOR.

Skills are GOOD when all 4 of the conditions are met
Skills are OKAY when 3 of the conditions are met
Skills are POOR when 2, or fewer, of the conditions are met

Good spellers know words inside out. They don't have to think about the spelling of words. Instead, they can focus on the ideas words represent. Their familiarity and comfort with words also benefits their reading skills. 

If you're not happy with your answers, don't worry. Spelling is easier to learn and there is less to learn than most people think. Once you've finished the Wordskillz© QUIZ and MINI-COURSE, I'll show you how special practice with just 30 words develops the skills, habits, and confidence that lead to spelling mastery.

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