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Other courses teach you to write in exactly the same way you were taught when you were young! The problem is, your handwriting is probably poor because of the way you were taught!

Why repeat past mistakes when you can correct them with special activities that train your brain and create muscle memory to improve all aspects of your handwriting quickly and easily.

  • No more boring, repetitive exercises 
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Can you answer YES to the following Questions?

  • Is it difficult to keep your letters from bouncing out of line?
  • Do your letters look sloppy, crooked and inconsistent?
  • Is it a struggle to make your letters the right height and width?
  • Are your tired of writing so slowly?
  • Would you like to learn to write neatly on blank paper, notes and cards?
  • When it comes to filling in forms, do you feel like running the other way?


  • Eliminate BAD HABITS
  • Discover how to WRITE QUICKLY AND NEATLY
  • SPACE LETTERS and LINES so letters never overlap
  • Learn to write with upper case letters on BLACK AND WHITE BOARDS
  • Apply your new skills to BLANK PAPER, POSTERS, CARDS and LETTERS
  • Learn the fatal error BUBBLE WRITERS always make and the antidote
  • Discover 2 simple tricks and get FANCY HANDWRITING FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS
  • Use SPECIAL LINED PAPER (with perfectly spaced lines) for as long as you like

Lindsay recently completed the course. This is what she had to say ...

I just wanted to say how much your course on learning to change my handwriting has really helped me. I have tried books on handwriting, I have watched videos etc. The tips and tricks you have provided have been the only thing that has helped me to improve my chicken scratch! My handwriting has bothered me for years. I didn’t think at 35 I would ever be able to change my handwriting. Thank you so much. -  Lindsay B!


This course has been specially designed with you in mind.

Most handwriting courses are really for people just learning to write. They are not specially designed for people like you who've been writing for years.

You don't need to learn how to hold a pen. Nor do you need to practice loops and lines. You don't need to learn what pen to buy either. [If you don't already have a favorite pen, then you probably don't care what you write with!]

And you certainly don't need to step back in time and learn an old-fashioned handwriting style using old-fashioned methods that probably never worked for you the first time around.


Just as writing styles have become less formal and more conversational, handwriting styles have also evolved to become less formal. Most handwriting now tends to fall somewhere between formal cursive and print writing.

As handwriting has become more relaxed it's begun to more closely resemble the fonts we read every day. Letter slant has been virtually eliminated and so have many alternative letter forms. For that reason, the current handwriting style has become far more useful.

The new style is easier to read and write. So you can communicate quickly and easily without a lot of fuss and bother. And the best news of all? Not only is this handwriting style easier to read and write, and it's also easier to learn!


You just need to replace some of your old handwriting habits with new, better ones, and that's easy to do to if you're learning the right way. You can instantly make your handwriting more consistently correct and readable just by following a few simple directions. How is it possible to erase years of bad habits? You'll use mind tricks, and specially designed materials that do the work so you don't have to!

And don't worry... Just because your handwriting will be more font-like, that doesn't mean you need to write like a machine. We'll just tweak your natural writing style to make it neater and more readable!


  • A printer and paper to print out the practice sheets
  • A pen (preferably black) to fill in the practice sheets


The handwriting course is divided into 4 sections:

  • In the first 3 sections you'll work with groups of similar letters
  • In the final section, you'll practice joining letters in words and sentence

In the BONUS SECTION you'll:

  • Do any necessary review
  • Apply what you've learned to capital letters
  • Practice writing on blank surfaces
  • Learn fancy lettering

Instantly turn new skills into new habits.

Get the handwriting you need in under two hours!


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