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The Wordskillz 30 word SPELLING QUIZ will give you the truth about your skills, or your learner's, and give you a word to start your free training. The Quiz is divided into 3 sections: very common words, common words, and uncommon words. How many can you, or your learner, get right?

DAY #1

Use 3 fun SPELLING ACTIVITIES that make words impossible to forget. These 3 different types of activities replace all 30 SPELLING RULES and all their exceptions! Who knew spelling could be this much fun! Try them on for size, then choose your, or your learner's, favorites.

DAY #2

Learn the few key words (based on your, or your learner's, challenging SPELLING PATTERNS) that will make the biggest difference to your skills, or theirs. These words replace all other SPELLING LISTS! Why practice 100's of words, when a small number of carefully chosen, strategically learned words will enable easy mastery of all the rest!

DAY #3

Discover the 3 SPELLING STRATEGIES that cure bad spelling for life! Find the magic formula for learning key words and making all other words easier to learn. You, or your learner, will get the necessary knowledge, skills, and habits to master spelling with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time!

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BEWARE!!! Not all spelling help is created equal!

Millions of Google's 'spelling help' pages are founded on the following 4 myths:

  • MYTH #1 - We misspell words. In fact, unless we're just guessing, we never misspell a word, at least not a whole word. Take 'speech' for example, even when it's spelled 'speach', just 1 of the sounds is misspelled. The truth is we don't misspell words, we misspell sounds.
  • MYTH #2 - Reading can improve spelling. In fact, we don't read words; so we don't often register the letters spelling sounds in words. We read whole sentences and paragraphs while our brain focuses on the ideas and thoughts they contain. Reading can do little to improve spelling, and in fact, the opposite is true. Spelling improves reading!
  • MYTH #3 - Phonics instruction improves spelling. In fact, we don't naturally pay attention to sound spellings in words unless we compare patterns in similar words. Learning sound spellings in isolation or in single words is much like memorizing random numbers. The truth is phonics instruction doesn't necessarily transfer to real spelling activities.
  • MYTH #4 - Spelling Rules are helpful. Almost all spelling rules have exceptions. They're really just guidelines, working sometimes, but not others. Unfortunately, these so-called 'rules' can be deceptively simple to learn, while the exceptions aren't at all. The truth is, rules can confound spellers almost as often as they help them.
  • MYTH #5 - Spelling apps are a great way to build spelling skills. The best way to improve spelling is through multi-sensory learning. Spelling apps and multiple choice worksheets provide a way to review learning not promote it. Once you've used your free tools, you'll find these other resources more useful.

The free help you get when you register is better than most of the paid-for help found on-line!

Yes, I have inexpensive tools and training that can take you even further. But why not get started for free and see what a difference Wordskillz™ spelling help can make!

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Your 1st email has a link to the Spelling Quiz and Spelling Activities as well as your password

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