LEARN TO SPELL with the fastest, easiest SPELLING HELP!


Learn to use the Wordskillz™ SMiLe Formula© with the 30 words that will give each learner the skills, habits and confidence to master the art of spelling!


Follow 4 simple steps, for 10 minutes each day
and achieve spelling mastery in just 5 hours!

Completely customizable for each learner,

the whole family can use the Challenge to build skills together!

Fix your worst spelling mistakes permanently and help fix someone else's mistakes!

Unlike web apps, worksheets and workbooks, the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Challenge© takes learning off the screen and page with sensory-rich activities learners love.

Unlike long weekly tutoring sessions, the Challenge uses highly effective short daily sessions.

Follow 4 simple steps, for 10 minutes each day

and achieve results comparable to professional tutoring

in just 5 hours at a fraction of the cost!


The Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Challenge© provides the essential missing piece

Participants enjoy customized experiences that computers and classrooms can't provide. Although classroom lectures can introduce concepts, and apps, worksheets and workbooks are helpful for review, what's missing are steps that make spelling words impossible to forget!

Everyone deserves a chance to learn the way they learn best. And now everyone can learn in the very best way at home!

Now you can get the help you need, or give your child the help they need.

The 30-Word Challenge provides learners with the 'aha' moments they can't get any other way. It complements classroom and computer-based learning. It doesn't compete with other learning methods.

No complicated rules, no baffling concepts

No 'learning about' - just 'learning to'

A variety of activities accomodate all learning backgrounds, levels, styles and preferences. Participants' worst mistakes are fixed permanently and future mistakes are avoided.

Skills are built and repaired.

Damaged confidence is restored.

Each session produces exciting gains that encourage all participants to complete 30 sessions and gain the habits as well as skills and confidence that result in spelling mastery!

The secret to spelling mastery ...

Why is it that some people are born good spellers while other people struggle? Competent, capable spellers recognize and utilize repeating patterns in words and this enables them to spell effortlessly. However, not everyone can capitalize on these same patterns, not unless they can learn to recognize the patterns and learn how to use them. The Challenge uses sensory-rich pattern-based practice to make sure everyone has an opportunity to become a competent capable speller!

Learning is streamlined because there are relatively few patterns. That's why special practice with just 30 words is enough to:

  • Eliminate each participant's most significant spelling-pattern mistakes
  • Provide participants with the skills, habits and confidence to avoid future mistakes

So what is a spelling pattern? Although you, or your learner, may have a spelling vocabulary of up to 20,000 words, there are just 201 ways to spell the sounds in those words. Spelling patterns are the single letters or multiple letter combinations that stand for the sounds in words.

In the Challenge, each spelling-pattern is represented by a key word.

While learning their key words, particiants learn to focus on the challenging parts of words,  the 1 or 2 sound-spellings in each word that need fixing. During daily practice, each participant gets enough experience working with sound-spellings to be able to repair words just like a mechanic working on a motor!

Challenge particpants will hone 3 valuable skills ... 

They'll soon be able to:

  1. Use key words they already know to learn more words > For example, they'll be able to link a word like 'eat' to 'great' and 'bread', so all words with the 'ea' sound-spelling are easier to spell.
  2. Link the spelling of a word to the meaning and use of that word > For example, they'll be able to link a sound-spelling like 'ei' to 'their' in 'their house' and not 'the house over there'.
  3. Gain awareness of how different sound-spellings impact the shape and size of words > For example, they'll be able to compare and contrast 'lizard' with 'blizzard' and 'through' with 'threw'.


Each day, each participant will invest 10 minutes in the Challenge to master 1 new word.

When you sit down for a 30-Word Challenge session, 5 resources (printable PDFs) will help you accomplish your goal whether you are learning yourself, or coaching your learner.

Let's take a look at your tools and how you'll use them ...

#1: The Challenge accommodates learners at all levels, and you'll begin by using the Wordskillz™ Spelling Quiz© to determine your starting level or your child's. 

The words in the Quiz are divided into 3 levels, beginning with the simplest most common words:

  • Very common words - words used daily
  • Common words - words used weekly
  • Uncommon words - words used monthly if at all

Once you've determined the participant's level, you'll know where to begin discovering their 30 Challenge words!

#2: The key words in the Wordskillz™ 199 Key Words List© are divided into the same levels as the Spelling Quiz. 

Since the list contains almost all spellings for sounds, everyone can use the same list to find their 30 Challenge words. Seeing all the sound-spelling patterns listed so clearly in the simplest, most common key words will make mastering spelling seem so much more doable!

#3: During each of 30 sessions, the 4 parts of the Wordskillz™ D.E.P.R. Learning Method© will be your guide on the journey to better skills. 

You'll use the Method, along with the Key Words List, to discover:

  • Mastered key words that can be used to learn more words
  • The challenging key word of the day

NOTE: The (deeper) steps are the same whether you are a parent helping your child, or an individual working alone. If you are helping your child, you can read the steps for them.

  • First, the Discover step shows how to spell words out loud from memory as that is the only way to test mastery.
  • Then the Evaluate step determines what to do next with each key word.
  • Next, you'll Practice challenging words using the Wordskillz™ SMiLe Formula©.
  • Lastly, you'll Review each key word in the very best way with graduated interval review. You'll determine when the word should be 'D.E.P.R.Learned' again and what to do throughout the day to reinforce learning.

#4: The Wordskillz™ SMiLe Formula© is the best way to practice any challenging word. 

The name makes it easy to remember the different types of activities, sensory, memory and linking activities, and the order in which to use them.

The bonus Wordskillz™ Wordmaker© will help you use the Linking section of the SMiLe Formula.

#5: As you complete the Challenge, the Wordskillz™ Session Sheets© will be used to record your work, track your progress, and organize your review ...

You'll print 30 of these sheets and find it easy to stay organized.

Now you know the steps you'll take and the tools that will guarantee your success 

Let's look at what you'll do to get started ...

  1. Gather your materials:
    • 34 Sheets of printer paper
    • 30 Index cards
    • A pen and pencil
    • 3 Coloured pencils or crayons (1 black, 2 brightly coloured)
  2. Print the 5 PDF's and number your session sheets
  3. Take the Spelling Quiz to determine which group of words to use
  4. Sit at a surface big enoughto keep all the above materials handy
  5. Begin to follow the steps of the D.E.P.R. Learning Method

The Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Challenge© provides 5 hours of learning per person

A equivalent amount of tutoring could cost $300 per person!

We want everyone to get the spelling, reading and writing skills they need

So for a limited time, Wordskillz is providing the training and tools for just $9.99




Follow 4 simple steps, for 10 minutes each day
Achieve professional tutoring results
in just 5 hours at a fraction of the cost!

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