Would you like an effective way to help your learner become a better speller?


Help their skills grow further and faster!

With the very affordable Challenge, you will receive ...

... everything you need to help your learner practice

the 30 words that will make the biggest difference to their skills ...

  • Easy directions
  • 3 Specially designed word lists
  • The activities you need to ensure word mastery
  • 30 Session sheets with simple steps for your daily sessions

Print the following PDF's to guide you every step of the way ...

Session Outline

Key Common Words 

Complete Wordlist

SMiLe Activities

Session Sheets

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Here's what happens when you use the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Spelling Challenge©

  • You'll spend a few minutes a day for 30 days using the 4-Step D.E.E.P. Learning Method
  • You'll Discover, Explore, Evaluate and Practice new and review key words
  • Your learner will master skills, habits and key words, so they can continue to learn independently

At the end of 30 days your work will be done and your learner will be a confident, competent speller!

Take the Challenge!

In 30 minutes you'll be ready to help your learner master their first word!

  • You'll begin by printing your tools and training
  • Then you'll prepare your binder and gather your pens and pencils
  • Finally, you'll review your session materials and plan your sessions

The 30-Word Challenge is a effective new kind of pattern-based learning.

It's also the fastest, easiest way to improve your learner's spelling skills.

There aren't that many patterns in words,

and most learners know more than they realize.

Special pattern-based practice with just 30 words

can fill the biggest gaps in your learner's skills

and prepare them to fill small ones independently!

Now I know what you're thinking. This sounds too good to be true…

That's why I was so happy when Carla asked to use my system with her son. You see I knew what I could accomplish, but I needed to know if others could achieve the same results, and I knew you'd want some proof before you gave it a try.

See what Carla had to say

Carla was concerned about her son's spelling skills ..."My son had a very difficult time with spelling in Grade 4. He was not able to spell many words correctly and not doing well on his weekly spelling tests. This was affecting his self-esteem, and he would also get very frustrated trying to study as spelling did not make sense to him. As parents we were frustrated, we talked to his teacher, but we also wanted to be able to help our son."

This is what Carla has to say now ... "Thanks to the work we did using your program, (my son) is doing great in spelling at school this year in grade 5. I am amazed at the words he is able to spell now, and how he is able to do so with confidence and far less study time. So, he really needed those basics and from there was able to put it all together."

This is what I showed Carla:

  • You don't have to start from scratch. Use words that have already been mastered and just fill gaps.
  • Words that have been misspelled for days, months, or even years, can be mastered with little effort.
  • It won't take long. Spend a few minutes a day over 30 days practicing the right words, at the right time, in the right way.

In less than 5 hours you can completely transform your learner's skills and confidence!

It worked for Carla and it will work for you (It's really just common sense!)

I've taken what works, and turned it into a simple system anyone can use. It's not complicated, so you don't have to be an expert. Whether you're a professional, parent, other family member, volunteer tutor, or a learner yourself, this will work for you!

Research is proving these strategies to be best-practice. They even complement other strategies, and make them more effective.

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Twenty years ago, I was looking for the same solution you are now ...

I needed a spelling program that would appeal to my boys

It needed to take just minutes a day, and build habits as well as skills

We needed quick results - their poor spelling was holding them back

Even though I trained as a teacher,

I struggled to help my own sons with spelling,

until I discovered ... the difference between good spellers and

struggling spellers isn't what most people think. Here's what I found ...

Successful spellers recognize patterns in words!

They use these patterns to learn from their mistakes, and build on their successes.

Struggling spellers don't recognize a lot of these patterns, and don't know how to use them.

As a result, their mistakes get reinforced not repaired; ultimately their progress gets blocked.

I couldn't find a pattern-based spelling program that delivered the results I needed - 

So I created one! 

I want you to avoid the frustration I experienced and get the results you need.

So I turned my program into a simple 30-Word Spelling Challenge!

By the way ...

The methods I share help learners of all ages and backgrounds, English as a first language or not. This system benefits learners at all levels as well:

-> Beginners will get a head start and avoid problems down the road

-> Struggling learners will quickly catch up

-> More advanced learners will take their skills to the next level

I'm Ready to take the Challenge!

You'll know exactly what to do on each day for 30 days. You'll use the Wordskillz™ Magic Formula©

to uncover mastered key words, practice new key words 3 ways over 3 days,

and ensure complete mastery of key words using graduated interval review.

The Wordskillz™ DEEP Learning Method© will give you consistent satisfying results. You will:

  • Practice and review the very best words- the simplest most common word representing each spelling challenge
  • Customize your response to the suit the challenge:
    • Choose the best activities
    • The correct number of activities and
    • The right amount of review for each word practiced
  • Use special techniques for dealing with the most challenging words
  • Have a checklist so you know you've covered every spelling pattern your learner uses
  • SAVE TIME! > Spend your time practicing words instead of looking for words to practice

Do you use a recipe to make grilled cheese sandwiches?

No! They're simple to make. What if you're making cookies? Now that's a little more complicated!

The 4-stage D.E.E.P. Learning Method of the Wordskillz™ BASIC Challenge© will be your guide as you integrate all the right steps and techniques into your learner's practice. You'll use it just like a recipe to get consistent, satisfying results during every session.

Are you READY?

YES, I'll take the Challenge!

During the Wordskillz™ BASIC Challenge©, your learner will:

  • Overcome some of their most persistent challenges
  • Internalize essential steps for mastering words
  • Make a habit of regularly mastering a new word.

They'll learn how much they already know, and experience a string of successes, so they'll also build up momentum.

They'll be in the best position possible to continue what you've started! So, you can expect them to continue mastering words.  When they can't quite read or spell a word, they'll begin the process to master the word, confident they'll succeed! Knowing they can link a new word to a known word using tried and true techniques, they will take action.

Your learner may still have common key words to master, and they'll certainly have other common words to master. What's more, firmly entrenched misspellings, those in common words, fight back!

For your learner is to gain momentum, effective consistent practice is essential.

2 Things will work to your learner's advantage:

  1. No matter how tough it is to beat common challenges, once mastered, these words get regular, often daily, reinforcement whenever they are read or written!
  2. You're instilling habits that lead to consistent improvement. When you are consistent with your practice sessions together, they will automatically continue the trend you've started together.

With consistent effort, they'll continue to make progress, and it will get easier!

We're Ready for the Challenge!

The Wordskillz BASIC Challlenge will help your learner make steady gains every single day, and you'll see a massive improvement after a few short sessions.

  • Help your learner get the skills they need!
  • Enjoy the journey together!

One more thing …

If you’re considering an alternative way to help, and you’re wondering what the Wordskillz™ 30-Word Challenge© will offer you and your learner that other programs can’t, I integrated the following three things into the Challenge because I couldn't find them offered anywhere else ...

  • 1


    If you’re helping on a volunteer basis, you need a program that’s flexible and can adapt to your learner and your schedule; the Wordskillz™ BASIC 30-Word Challenge© incorporates a handy system that keeps you organized even when you’re not on a regular schedule. The system also makes it easy for you to help your learner review words at the appropriate time, the appropriate number of times.

  • 2

    Human Interaction

    If your learner is becoming discouraged, they need a human being to interact with, someone who can involve them in ‘heads in’ ‘hands on’ activities and respond to their efforts with encouragement and immediate, specific feedback; most other programs, especially classroom, computer, and worksheet based programs, don’t offer that

  • 3

    Specialized Coaching

    If your learner has fallen behind, they need to catch up quickly. You don’t want to waste valuable time reviewing familiar territory. With the Wordskillz™ BASIC 30-Word Challenge© you can completely customize their learning and target their specific challenges in the most efficient and ideal way for them. (This degree of specialized coaching would normally cost hundreds of dollars.)

Are you worried about fitting one more thing into an already too busy schedule?

You won't have to drive your learner somewhere to take their sessions. You'll only practice while they remain alert and on task (about 10 minutes).

Your time together will be so brief; you’ll be finished before your know it!

Their future could depend on you!  Won’t it feel great to know exactly what to do!

What more do you need to know?

If you have any questions at all, just email me, janet@wordskillz.com