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Learn to read and write quickly, clearly and correctly, 

or help someone else improve their skills ...

Individuals and families quickly fix reading and writing mistakes

at home during enjoyable 10-minute sessions.

... for learners of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities,

including English as a second language.

Help your learner or fix your own mistakes.

Hear what happy clients are saying ...

Thank you for designing this fantastic course. I absolutely love the way each section builds on letters of the same shape. I've finished your course now, and really enjoyed doing all of it. I hope that others find your course and benefit from it as much as I have! 


Please know that your materials are being put to good use. The students love the method and best of all, they are learning! 


My son had a very difficult time with spelling in Grade 4. He was not able to spell many words correctly and not doing well on his weekly spelling tests. This was affecting his self-esteem and he would also get very frustrated trying to study as spelling did not make sense to him. As parents, we were also frustrated, we talked to his teacher, but we also wanted to help our son. We turned to the Wordskillz program developed by Janet. The program was easy to understand and broke learning into managable small steps with each one building upon the other. We saw improvments in our son's spelling tests at school and, more importantly, he began to have confidence in his abilities. The Wordskillz program gave us valuable tools so we could help our son at home and then see the positive results in his attitude and at school.


I just wanted to say how much your course on learning to change my handwriting has really helped me. I have tried books on handwriting, I have watched videos etc. The tips and tricks you have provided have been the only thing that has helped me to improve my chicken scratch. My handwriting has bothered me for years. I didn't think at 35 I would ever be able to change my handwriting. Thank you so much.


My Grade 2 daughter was struggling with spelling at school. No matter how many different techniques we tried, apps and websites we used, nothing was working. When I tried the Wordskillz SMiLe Method, everything changed for her. The mix of sensory techniques improved her spelling in a matter of days. Highly recommend!


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