Improve Word Skills the Wordskillz™ Way

Build and Repair Key Spelling, Reading and Writing Skills


The Wordskillz™ Customized Learning Plan© is a quick way to upgrade spelling, reading and writing skills.

A pattern-based approach to learning is applied during 60 - 10 minute daily sessions to create a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and habits that ensure skills continue to grow.

Pattern based practice goes beyond rules and phonics to appeal to coaches of all backgrounds, and learners of all ages.

The Wordskillz™ Customized Learning Plan© is offered:

  • In 3 versions for:
    • Adults working on their own skills
    • Parents wanting to help their children
    • Tutors helping adults or children
  • At 3 price points free, affordable and premium

Use the Unique Soundpatternz System© to:

  • Follow steps specific to each learner's most significant challenges
  • Eliminate unnecessary practice, and quickly achieve measurable gains
  • Watch messy handwriting become neat - spelling mistakes disappear - slow frustrating reading become quick and effortless - confusing writing become clear and error-free

Get your Customized Plan today, and achieve impressive results in your 1st 10 minutes, GUARANTEED!

Your Customized Learning Plan will fit your Needs, Budget and Schedule:

  • Invest just 10 minutes a day over 60 to 90 days
  • Take the small steps that make the biggest difference
  • Complete your plan in 10 to 15 Hours
  • Work from your phone, OR print or order the PDF's
  • Choose the free, affordable or premium version

Ideal for learners of all ages and abilities including English as a Second Language

This brand-new learning option develops skills quickly, effectively and permanently!

Best of all, everyone can afford to use the Soundpatternz System© to build skills!


Why choose the Wordskillz™ Way?

Wordskillz™ learning is effective, efficient and effortless:

  • The most effective way to learn is off-screen and brain-friendly
  • The most efficient way to learn builds on what learners already know
  • The most effortless way to learn connects something new to something known

Classroom learning and computer applications can leave learners needing more.

Wordskillz™ makes real learning happen in minutes, not weeks or months!

Unique SOUNDPATTERNZ SYSTEM© breaks bad habits and builds good ones! START RIGHT NOW FOR FREE ...

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  • See real improvements right away
  • Create a rock solid foundation of skills
  • Build healthy habits to keep skills growing

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Communication with words is at the heart of what makes us human!

It naturally follows that better word skills lead to improved communication and a better life. If your skills aren't everything you want them to be, or you know someone whose skills need work, let me help!

The help you need is a heartbeat away ...

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