• When homework takes forever
  • When 'big' words and 'little' words are hard to spell
  • When reading is slow and difficult
  • When learning goes in one ear and out the other, or disappears overnight …

It's hard to find the right kind of help!

The internet offers millions of solutions of various kinds ...  

drills, flashcards, computer games, worksheets, and endless word lists, a lot of them free, most of them useless.

You don't need more busy work!

You need a bridge, a way to internalize learning!

You don't need more rules, memorization, repetition. 

You don't need more dots. You need to connect the dots!

Twenty years ago, I too was looking for answers ...

Even though I trained as a teacher, I couldn't help my own struggling sons.

Until I discovered ...

The difference between successful learners and struggling learners isn't what most people think. Here's what I found…

Successful spellers are successful readers. Spelling is the key to reading and writing success!

Successful spellers recognize patterns in words. They use those patterns to learn from their mistakes, and build on their successes.

Struggling spellers don't recognize a lot of these patterns, and don't know how to use them. As a result, their mistakes get reinforced not repaired. Ultimately their progress gets blocked.

This changes everything …

If you've struggled to learn, or you'd like to help someone who struggles, you need a better plan! A new type of pattern-based learning is your fastest, easiest way to fill skill gaps and improve spelling (and reading) skills.

An exciting breakthrough…

You see, there aren't that many patterns in words, and most learners know more than they realize. So special pattern-based practice with a limited number of words can fill the biggest gaps in learner's skills and prepare them to fill small ones independently!

Now I know what you're thinking. This sounds too good to be true…

That's why I was so happy when Carla asked to use my system with her son. You see I knew what I could accomplish, but I needed to know if others could achieve the same results, and I knew you'd want some proof before you gave it a try.

See what Carla had to say…

Carla was concerned about her son's spelling skills ..."My son had a very difficult time with spelling in Grade 4. He was not able to spell many words correctly and not doing well on his weekly spelling tests. This was affecting his self-esteem, and he would also get very frustrated trying to study as spelling did not make sense to him. As parents we were frustrated, we talked to his teacher, but we also wanted to be able to help our son."

This is what Carla has to say now ... "Thanks to the work we did using your program, (my son) is doing great in spelling at school this year in grade 5. I am amazed at the words he is able to spell now, and how he is able to do so with confidence and far less study time. So, he really needed those basics and from there was able to put it all together."

This is what I showed Carla:

  • You don't have to start from scratch. Use words that have already been mastered and just fill gaps.
  • Words that have been misspelled for days, months, or even years, can be mastered with little effort.
  • It won't take long. Spend a few minutes a day over 30 days practicing the right words, at the right time, in the right way.

It worked for Carla and it will work for you (It's really just common sense!)

If you feel as if you're in a dark room and don't know which way to turn ...

I'll turn on the light!

I'll send you 5 short emails to help you get this new way of learning working for you right away…

  • In your 1st 3 emails, you'll discover the 3 different ways to mastering challenging words, and when and how to use them
  • In your 4th email, you'll learn the best words to practice and which to practice 1st
  • In your 5th email, you'll get a plan, a way to stay organized and on track until all major word, and skill gaps, are filled

    Your emails will arrive over 5 days, and you can immediately start making improvements.

    This won't cost you a thing! However, I do need to know whether you are:

    1.  A learner wanting to improve your own skills
    2. A parent, volunteer or tutor wanting to help your learner build skills

    Choose the button below that fits your situation, and I'll see you on the next page…

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    By the way ...

    The methods I share help learners of all ages and backgrounds, English as a first language or not. This system benefits learners at all levels as well:

    -> Beginners will get a head start and avoid problems down the road

    -> Struggling learners will quickly catch up

    -> More advanced learners will take their skills to the next level

    Research is proving these strategies to be best-practice. They even complement other strategies, and make them more effective.

    I've taken what works, and turned it into a simple system anyone can use. It's not complicated, so you don't have to be an expert. Whether you're a parent, other family member, volunteer tutor, or a learner yourself, this will work for you!

    Help me reach 1,000 people that I can help!